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everything; something; nothing

You asked me what I feel about being two years of your life and nothing more. I said, you make me feel old.
Here, the crux lied in the way our words were words that everyone said, but the two mouths that spoke them were as different as sunsets in different hemispheres. 
My lips are not thin— always full of secrets that didn’t deserve to be hidden. You have the lips of a serpentine witch. Thin, mystical, the kind that left me afraid. 
It hurt to press my body against yours. We weren’t coloring books that could be filled in with careful or careless strokes. 
Leaving you was walking away with a sack full of old rocks that I’d throw into a river one day, hoping that the bed they found would allow them to sleep calmly until the storm came.
I gave meaning to the two years of your life. Instead of numbers, you remember old dates with the names of your lovers. I have two years under mine. 
I’m using the same words again and you will read them the same way. This is why I threw your rocks out.
I’m addicted to metaphors and you’re addicted to dissecting them. Here, the crux lies in the way we’ll never understand each other.
This is why I left.

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